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Describe yourself...
 S - for SIMPLE (that's naturally me!)
 Z - for ZZZ... (I'm so sleepy!  Whenever I see a couch or 
 		any place I could lay down on, I wanna sleep!)
 E - for ELEGANT
 T - for TALENTED (When the situation asks for it.  I can 
		  act, dance and sing if really badly needed...)
 E - for EVER CUTE! 

 B - for BEAUTIFUL (No COMMENT!!! pls...) 

 S - for SWEET
 A - for AMIABLE(I can easily make friends with anybody...)
 L - for LOVABLE
 U - for UNPREDICTABLE(I've got a very weird mood swings!!!) 

 My BEST feature...
	 My SMILES and my EYES...
 My MOST treasured possessions...

	 - Letters received from freinds
	 - Achievements from Girl Scouts
	 - Journals and Scrapbooks
 The thing that best represents my personality... a MYSTERY NOVEL.  Every part of me is very 
intriguing.  Once you spend time with me, you'll find out 
something you'd least expect me to be ME. Like in a mystery 
novel, some events were beyond your expectations.

      A lot of people's first impression on me is I am a 
snob. But actually, I'm  not...

For me a FRIEND is... Somebody who trade her smiles for my frown Somebody who will not let me down. Somebody who is always there for me And brings out the best in me. For me CRUSH is... intense feeling of infatuation or physical attraction towards somebody. For me LOVE is... ... a mysterious feeling only the person who feels it understand.
Idea of a PERFECT date... A candlelit dinner on a roof top with love songs as background music A star gazing night with my love one A picnic in a place with nature A walk on the beach Gifts I'd like to receive... From friends, I appreciate anything... From a boyfriend... A long-stemmed pink rose A flower planted in a pot or an orchid, instead of a bouquet A pet (a rabbit, a puppy, or a fish) A pillow or a stuffed toy I could hug My DREAM HOUSE is... A house spacious enough for me and my family (my husband and kids). Three floors maybe. First floor consists of living room, kitchen, dining room, music room and a bathroom. The second floor consists of the masters room, two rooms with an adjoining bathroom for my kids, a guest room with bathroom, family room and a veranda. Third floor is an attic which is a library and a study room. A garage for our van, a garden with garden set and a small nipa hut, and a playground. Long time WISH... To have an older brother which is impossible to happen because I am the eldest child in the family. What I MISS doing... I miss star gazing, watching movies, going out with friends, spending a day at my mom's hometown. My CRAZY DREAMS are... I wanna be an actress on stage... I wanna be a president of our country... I wanna be a princess in a castle... I wanna be a beauty queen... I wanna be like a free bird...
What TURNS me ON... Sense of Humor... Gentleman... Sweet... What PISSES me OFF... Smoking!!! Insensitive!!! Spitting!!! What is my IDEAL MAN... I don't really have an ideal man... I just want a man who will love and accept me as I am. A man who'll not ask me to change for him and just let me be ME. And of course, a man who is responsible, loving and caring. I don't go for looks. I look into the personality not the physical appearance.