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Steps to Brighten Your Day As the sunshine greets you a pleasant morning Thank the Father for another day He gives, For the things this day will bring, For the blessings you'll soon receive. When you enter the bathroom, look at the mirror, Carefully study your reflection. Tell him to watch his actions, For whatever he does will reflect to his honor. When you leave the house, bring your smile along You'll need a lot of it all day long. Always smile, whatever you do Coz it'll make things easier for you. Smile to everyone you know For there may be no chance tomorrow For us to ever say hello, So do it today, not tomorrow. Then make the best of your day As if it were your last, Coz all that would happen today Will be tomorrow's memories of the past. So never forget to do today, Live your life so that whatever comes your way You'll never look back and say, "I wish I did it another way." Always end your day with a smile and pray'r To the Lord up there who always care. Smile like you did all day Then pray another sunshine will come your way.