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I Promise... Time will come, we'll bid goodbye And when it comes, I know I'll cry For sure, I'm gonna miss you, your company And all the things you've donefor me. Parting really hurts, But I should try to accept it at first I know I have to let you go And be happy whenever you go. I know you wouldn't be that far For you'd always be like a star, A star that would shine brightly forever Even though we would no longer be toghether. No tears would fall from my eyes Coz my love for you would never be as cold as ice. Even if we should be away for years Time couldn't change our moments of laughters and tears You're the best friends I've ever had Friends who make me happy, not sad, And if you'll be away from me You'll still be the best friends for me. I hope when you're already there, you'd not forget That you've got a friend here Who wouldn't let you down and feel blue A friend who would always be here and treasure you. Here in my heart, you'll always stay Even if we'll be miles away. I promise, I'll never forget you Coz it's hard to find the best friends like you.